Science Week at Penrith South 2015

20150825_113409                                Ashlea with her Science Week poster.

On the 18th of August we had our Science Fair at Penrith South Public School. We all did three activities each. My first activity was experiments with Smarties. We put Smarties in water and watched it dissolve. The second activity was when I designed with Lego. The last activity I did was making a “Saving the Environment” movie. When we made the movie we wrote on a whiteboard and did what it said. Some of the other activities you could have done were: cooking with our CWA helpers, making lava lamps, making sherbet, kite designing, making blood, building towers with matchsticks and planting snow peas with Denise our horticulturalist. We hope you enjoyed our Science Fair. We had fun! Indianna and Ashlea Year 2  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA20150826_101522 copy

 Left. Measuring out the oil for lava lamps. Thank you Jamison High science students!

Above. Sifting icing sugar for our biscuits.

On Science Day I made some sherbet. Nicola my buddy had to put stuff in it so I didn’t get it on my shirt. We made strawberry flavour and there was orange and lime. There were high schoolers there. They helped us make it. They told us how to make it.   I had a lot of fun. Indiana K3


                              Making sherbet with Jamison High Year 10 Science helpers.

I made paper planes. I folded paper to make my plane. We went outside and I threw my plane. It went far! I threw it the furthest. I am good at paper planes!  Declan K3

I liked making play dough because we had to mix it all up. We used food colouring and when we mixed it, it turned pink.      Hannah K3

I made a flying fox with clay and sticks for the eyes and leaves for the wings.  I made cookies with carrots and jellybeans and some cream to put on it to make the face. I made a parachute. We had to tie a dinosaur on the parachute. We had to test if it could fly. My dinosaur landed slowly. I had a fabulous day. Mitch K3

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                          Testing our parachutes.

I made cookies. We had to make the icing for the head. We had to get carrot for the hair and some jellybeans for the mouth. The eyes were sultanas. I ate my cookie. It tasted nice!  Isabella K3  

On Tuesday 18th August we had Science Day. Firstly in the morning we saw two rangers from Blue Mountains National Park and we learnt about animals. Secondly we went to room 15 where we made parachutes. After we made them we got to fly them. it was funny and really fun. Thirdly we went outside where the rangers were. We made animals with clay. I made a wombat. Amy Year 3

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                     Making a native Australian animal with clay. 

On Tuesday 18th August, my school had a science day at our own school. It was in two parts. one was from ten o’clock to eleven o’clock. The other from eleven thirty till one o’clock. At ten o’clock we went to the hall. There were some rangers from the Blue Mountains National Park. They had some real animals that had been killed and stuffed. They got some students to dress up as rangers. We had to guess what type of ranger they were. Then we went to recess. After recess, I went to Mr Jones’ room. He was away so we had Mrs Morehead. We made a paper plane. Mine was blue in colour. After we made them we had a competition. I came in third. After that we went to Mrs Brett. We did experiments with Smarties. The experiment was to see if the Smartie colours would mix. When we finished we got three Smarties. I didn’t take any. Then we went to Mrs Drew. We played with Lego. I built a helicopter and a car. When we had finished we had to pack up as we were the last group. I had a great day.  Sekela Year 3OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                  Working together on a Lego model.

It was Science Day and we did three different activities. My first activity was colour wheels and we got a long strip of paper and we drew a line on the paper. We dipped it into coloured water and the colour spread out. My second activity was making play dough. We mixed flour and salt and food colouring. I squashed it! My third activity was making flying foxes with clay under the COLA. It was my favourite day. Amelia Year 1


Clay models of flying foxes with Mim our ranger from National Parks and Wildlife.

Yesterday was Science Day at our school. I did three activities. Firstly I made lemonade. Secondly I made a plane that was called the Dragonfly. Thirdly I did cookies with a face. The eyes were sultanas and the hair was carrot. The nose was a jellybean. We made the icing. My favourite activity was making the lemonade because we had to squeeze the lemons.       Jianna Year 1

Not so sure about this lemonade!
Looking happy!



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